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Vocabulary and Structure(20 minutes,10 points)
Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the answer sheet with a single line through the center.
16.No other drug is available at present ___ can produce the same therapeutic effect with less risk.
A. that           B. than           C. when           D. as


17. Computers are already widely used in industry and in universities and the time may come when it ___ possible for ordinary people to use them as well.
   A. is             B. will be         C. must be         D. may be


18. An estimated 20 percent of the U.S. population has no bank account. More than half of this group dont have credit card  ___ can not get bank loans.
A.  or           B. so             C. and            D. yet


19. She is only __ satisfied to copy notes of others without the pain of thought for herself.
A. very           13. much          C. so               D. too


20. Bacteria are sometimes  ___ too small to be seen without a microscope.
A. far            13. rather          C. quite            D. very


21. Once he starts talking about Chinese or foreign affairs, ancient or modern,___.
A. there is no stopping of him        B. he is not to stop
C. there is no stopping him           D. it is no stopping him


22. I should be the __ man to think highly of those who wake up to persons of influence.
A. right         B.very           C. last             D. same


23. ___is generally accepted, economical growth is determined by the smooth development of production.
A. What         B. That   C.  It     D. As


24. Classes will cease to exist by the time communism ___ throughout the world
A. is achieved     B. has been achieved
C. will be achieved         D. will have been achieved


25. Wang Qing did not come to the meeting; he ___ the notice on the blackboard since we saw it on our way to the dining-hall.
A. must not have missed B. could not miss
C. could not have missed D. would not have missed


26. Beer is the most popular drink among male drinkers, whose overall consumption is higher ___ than that of women.
A. virtually       B. significantly    C. inevitably  D. proportionally


27.  If a man does not have an ideal and try to __ it, then he becomes a mean, base and sordid creature, no matter how successful he is.
A. come off       B. bring about     C. live up to D. contribute to


28. The chairman says he needs an assistant that he can _ to take care of problems that may occur in his absence.
A. count on       B. resort to       C. look up to D. seek after


29. In most of the universities, English is a(n) __ subject for the non-English major M.A. and M.S. students.
A. initial B. classic  C. comprehensive    D. compulsory


30. I managed to ___ myself to the habits and customs in the United States.
A. fit  B. adopt  C. adapt           D. regulate


31. The__of the rural world because of distance and the lack of transport facilities is compounded by the paucity of the information media.
A. inaccessibility                     B. isolation
C. penetration                        D. negligence


32. The dairy industry has taken great pains to increase the number of products from which the butterfat has been ___.
A. revived        B. removed        C. excluded        D. isolated


33. We should not be made to __ the basic principle, namely, the need and desire of the adolescent to engage responsibility in the real pursuit of life and then to learn through responsibility.
A. lose sight of                      B. lose track of
C. become blind of                    D. give way to


34. A doctors obligation when he can no longer __ the approach of death is to make the patient comfortable, including easing his pain.
A. hold back      B. hang on        C. hang around     D. hold on


35. This book is a __ of radio scripts, in which we seek to explain how the words and expressions become part of our language.
A. collection       B. publication     C. volume          D. edition

Part Two
Reading Comprehension (55 minutes, 40 points)
Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each of the passages is followed by 5 questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

Passage One

      American consumers like convenience very much. much. During the last 50 years, there has been a dramatic increase in such labor-saving devices as automatic washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, food processors, microwave ovens, garbage disposals and power lawn mowers. Today, all of these and many more, are found in a typical suburban home. These labor-saving devices are designed to reduce the time spent on housework. However, the time that Americans save is quickly spent on other activities.
      The American desire for convenience also created the concept of fast-food restaurants, found in every city and almost every small town in the United States, and now exported all over the world. These fast-food restaurants, such as McDonalds and KFC, serve sandwiches, salads, fried chicken, seafood, and other food to hurried customers in five minutes or less, often at a drive-up window.  There are also a wide variety of restaurants that will deliver Chinese food, pizza, and other dishes to peoples homes in about a half-hour. In many areas there are take-out taxis that will deliver food from the menus of 20 or 30 different restaurants for a small charge. For those who prefer to prepare their food at home, American grocery stores are full of convenience foods that are packaged and ready to cook or even precooked.
     Like microwave ovens and dishwashers, fast-food and take-out restaurants are convenient because they save the American consumer time that would otherwise be spent fixing meals or cleaning up. More than half of all the women in the United States are currently employed. This includes mothers with children under the age of 18. More than half the women with little children under the age of six hold jobs. Sixty-eight percent of the women who have school-age children are employed. Families with working mothers need all the time-savers they can get.
     Thus, the conveniences that Americans desire reflect not so much a leisurely lifestyle as a busy lifestyle in which even minutes of time are too valuable to be wasted. Alexis de Tocqueville was one of the first to see in this a curious paradox ( 自相矛盾) in the American character. He observed that Americans were so busy working to acquire comforts and conveniences that they were unable to relax
and to enjoy leisure time when they had it. Today, many Americans have what one medical doctor has called the hurry sickness.

36. The increase in labor-saving devices in the last 50 years reflected
    A. a shortage of labor force in America
    B. peoples need to reduce the time spent on housework
    C. Americans interest in doing housework
     D. the quick change of American family life

37. Americans like fast food and take-out restaurants because
    A. they are cheap
    B. they offer nutritious and tasty food
    C. they provide superior service
D. they are convenient

38. It is implied in the passage that
    A. fast food is not as nutritious as home-cooked food
    B. fast food restaurants are more popular than take-out restaurants in the U.S.
    C. most of the cooking at home is done by women
D. more men than women prefer eating convenient food

39. The conveniences that Americans desire reflect
A. a leisurely lifestyle
C. a wasteful habit
B. a busy lifestyle
D. a lazy character

40. The curious paradox in the American character (Last Para. ) means that
    A. Americans were so busy working to acquire comforts and conveniences that they were unable to relax and to enjoy leisure time when they had it
    B. Americans love comforts and conveniences very much, yet they dont know how to get them
    C. Americans value time very much, yet they are too wasteful of material things
D. Americans know its unhealthy to eat fast food, but they just cant resist it

Passage Two

      The idea of building New Towns to absorb growth is frequently considered a cure-all for urban problems. It is wrongly assumed that if new residents can he diverted from existing centers, the present urban situation at least will get no worse. It is further and equally wrongly assumed that since European New Towns have been financially and socially successful, we can expect the same sorts of results in the United States.
      Present planning, thinking, and legislation will not produce the kinds of New Town that have been successful abroad. It will multiply suburbs or encourage developments in areas where land is cheap and construction profitable rather than where New Towns are genuinely needed.
      Such ill-considered projects not only will fail to relieve pressures on existing cities but will, in fact, tend to weaken those cities further by drawing away high-income citizens and increasing the concentration of low-income groups that are unable to provide tax income. The remaining taxpayers, accordingly, will face increasing burdens, and industry and commerce will seek escape. Unfortunately, this mechanism is already at work in some metropolitan areas.
      The promoters of New Towns so far in the United States have been developers, builders, and financial institutions. The main interest of these promoters is economic gain. Furthermore, federal regulations designed to promote the New Town idea do not consider social needs as the European New Town plans do. In fact, our regulations specify virtually all the ingredients of the typical suburban community, with a bit of political rhetoric (修辞) thrown in.
      A workable American New Town formula should be established as firmly here as the national formula was in Britain. All possible social and governmental innovations as well as financial factors should be thoroughly considered and accommodated (容纳 ) in this policy. Its objectives should be clearly stated, and both incentives and penalties should be provided to ensure that the objectives are pursued. If such a policy is developed, then the New Town approach can play an important role in alleviating America urban problems.

41. The writer thinks that the idea of building New Town in the U. S
     A. will help to solve the present urban situation
     B. will produce the same sorts of results as does in Europe
     C. will by no means alleviate the urban problems
     D. will prevent the present urban situation from getting worse

42. Which of the following is not a side effect caused by building new towns?
     A. Industry and commerce will move away from metropolitan area.
     B. The present cities tax income will be reduced because high income citizens will move to new towns.
     C. Low-income families will have better housing conditions.
     D. The remaining citizens in the present cities will be faced with heavier tax burdens.

43. According to the writer, the advocators of New Towns in the U.S.
A. mainly have profit in mind
B. attach importance to social needs
C. hope to relieve pressures on existing cities
D. intend to follow the European example

44. The success of the New Town approach lies in the fact that
A. penalties will be given to those who are only interested in economic gain
B. a policy with clear objectives will be developed
C. promoters of New Towns will be encouraged
D. governmental innovations and financial factors will be thoroughly considered

45. The writers attitude toward the present idea of building New Towns is __
A. objective                           B. indifferent
C. enthusiastic                         D. critical
Passage three

While scientists are searching the cause of the Columbia disaster, NASA is moving ahead with plans to develop a new craft that would replace shuttles on space station missions by 2012 and respond quickly to space station emergencies.
The space agency released the first set of mission needs and requirements several days ago for the orbital space plane, which would be designed to transport a crew of four to and from the International Space Station.
Although it includes few specifics, the plan stipulates the orbiter will be safer, cheaper and require less preparation than the shuttle. It would be able to transport four crewmembers by 2012 – though it would be available for rescue missions by 2010. NASA says the craft should be able to transport injured or ill space station crew members to “ definitive medical care” within 24 hours.
The release of the requirements showed NASA remains focused on the long-term priorities of space exploration, even as questions linger concerning the loss of Columbia and its seven-member crew on February 1,2003.
Experts at Marshall Space Fight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, have been working for years on a successor to the shuttle. The project, known as the Space Launch Initiative, was divided last year into two  parts – one focusing on a future launch vehicle, the other on a space station orbiter. The orbiter is expected to be ready sooner.
The program’s managers say NASA officials have told them not to alter Space Launch Initiative in light of the Columbia disaster.
U.S. Presidents George W. Bush asked Congress for about US $ 1 billion for Space Launch Initiative in 2004, funds that would be almost equally split between the Orbital Space Plans and Next Generation Launch Technology.

46. The orbital space shuttle has been designed for___.
A. controlling the International Space Station
B. carrying astronauts to the International Space Station
C. transporting equipment to the International Space Station
D. training astronauts in space flight

47. From the passage we know that the design of the orbiter indicates___.
A. NASA’s determination to continue its space exploration projects
B. the U.S. space technology superiorities
C. a victory in space exploration
D. the birth of an absolutely safe space craft

48. When did the scientists start working on a successor to the shuttle?
A. Immediately after the Columbia disaster
B. One year after the Columbia disaster
C. Years after the exploration of Columbia
D. Not mentioned in the passage

49. Besides the main missions stipulated by NASA, the orbiter would also be used as___.
A. a space hospital
B. a medical research center
C. a medicine-transporting vehicle
D. a space ambulance

50. According to the passage, the funds, if granted, would___. 
A. be used for developing the orbiter only
B. be equally shared by the two projects under Space Launch Initiative
C. be given to Marshall Space Flight Center
D. be mainly used to improve space launch technology

Passage three
Companies are paying up to $ 10,000 to register a domain name on the Internet even though there is no guarantee that they will get the name they want.
The task of registering domains ending in ., .org,.edu and .net is at present contracted out by the US government to the Virginia-based company Network Solutions. The contract runs out this year, and the government wants to bring in a different scheme.
But last year, an ad hoc (拉丁语:特别的,专门的) committee of the Internet’s great and good revealed its own plan. This involved setting up seven new domains, each indicating the kind of business or organization using that name. The committee recruited 88 companies around the world to act as registrars for its. Firm,.shop,.web,.arts,.rec,.info.and nom domains. The US government has still to give the system its blessing, and may yet push ahead with its original scheme. Despite this, the 88 registrars have been taking applications for several months. They are due to start registering names this month with the Internet Council of Registrars, which grew out of the ad hoc committee.
To prevent conflicting names from being registered, the council will take one name from each registrars in turn before going back for the second name in their queues, and so on. This has led to a flourishing trade, with companies trying to buy a place near the head of the queue. Global Name of Singapore is charging $10,000 to make sure a request for a name is the first one it sends off to the central database. Other registrars are charging nonrefundable deposits for places at the top of the queue. David Mather, chairman of the Policy Oversight Committee that is helping to set up and oversee the system, says that all registrars are subject to local laws regarding consumer protection and competition. But he says that the committee “will not act as an enforcement body in this area.”  

51. The domain name “.edu” is operated by ___.
A. the US government
B. the company Network Solutions
C. Internet Council of Registrars
D. both A and B

52. The .firm, .shop,. web, .arts, .rec, .info. and .nom domains are NOT run by __.
A. a temporary committee organized by Internet’s influential services.
B. the US government
C. 88 registrars
D. Internet Council of Registrars

53. Global names of Singapore is ___
A. a company which applies for a name on the Internet
B. a registrar.
C. a company under the supervision of Policy Oversight committee.
D. the central database

54. How can a company successfully register a name with the Internet?
A. It must pay up to $ 10,000 or a nonrefundable deposit.
B. Its application must be the first one at the top of the registration queue
C. It must get approval from the Policy Oversight Committee.
D. Both A and B

55. What is the meaning of the phrases “net cost” in the title?
A. The amount of money covering the basics
B. The registration fee for a domain name on the Internet
C. The amount of money for the construction of a net work in a company
D. The amount of money paid to the Internet service annually

Part Four Cloze Test (15 minutes, 5 points)
Directions:  There are 10 blanks in the following passage.  For each numbered blank, there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

The key to the industrialization of space is the U.S. space shuttle.   __56 __it, astronauts will acquire a workhouse vehicle __57__ of flying into Space and returning many times. __58__by reusable rockets that can lift a load of 65 000 pounds, the shuttle will carry devices for scientific inquiry, as well as a variety of military hardware. __59__ more significantly, it will deliver materials and machines into space for industrial purposes __60__ two decades ago when sputnik   (artificial satellite) was added to the vocabulary.  In short, the __61__ importance of the shuttle lies in its promise as an economic tool.
What makes the space shuttle __62__ is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an airplane __63__ when it has accomplished its mission, it can be ready for __64__trip in about two weeks.
The space shuttle, the worlds first true spaceship, is a magnificent step   __65__ making the  impossible possible for the benefit and survival of man.

56. A. In  B. On   C. By   D. With
57. A. capable B. suitable  C. efficient  D. fit
58. A. Served  B. Powered  C. Forced  D. Reinforced
59. A. Then  B. Or   C. But   D. So
60. A. unimagined B. unsettled  C. uncovered  D. unsolved
61. A. general B. essential  C. prevailing  D. ultimate
62. A. exceptional B. strange  C. unique  D. rare
63. A. Thus  B. Whereas  C. Nevertheless D. Yet
64. A. new  B. another  C. certain  D. subsequent
65. A. for  B. by   C. in   D. through

part four Translation (30 minutes, 15 points)
Directions:  Translate the following passage into Chinese and put your translation on the ANSWER SHEET.

Man first appeared on earth half million years ago. Then he was little more than an animal; but early man had several big advantages over the animals. He had an upright body, he had clever hands, and he had in his brain special groups of nerve cells, not present in animals, that enabled him to invent a language and use it communicate with his fellow men. This ability to speak was of very great value because it allowed men to share ideas, and plan together, so that tasks impossible for a single person could be successfully undertaken by intelligent teamwork.

Part Five (30 minutes, 15 points)
Directions: with the rapid development of science and technology, computers come to affect us greatly in almost all fields in modern society, they become a very important part of our daily life, they can do many kinds of hard work that human beings could not… You can imagine what computers will become in the future, will computers become the controller of the world? You are asked to write a composition on the topic Who will control the world –computers or human beings?, you should write at least 120 words based on the above given information.

Part One
Vocabulary and Structure(20 minutes,10 points)
16. A. that引导定语从句修饰drug。
17. B。when在这里是关系副词引导定语从句,修饰 time, 而不是表示时间的从属连词,所以A不对。may be如果填入句子中,则意思上不准确,所以是错误的。
18. C。在否定句中。两个并列的句子都有自己的否定词修饰时应该用and连接,否则用or.例如:At least John reached a street where there was little traffic and few pedestrians.
19. D. too..to..是表示具有否定意义的结果的句式,但如果在 too前面有 not, all only, but等词修饰时,该句势就含有十分肯定的含义了。该句的含义是“抄别人的笔记,不用自己非心思思考,她太高兴了。”
20. A。修饰Too一般用 far, much, all表示“太。。”
21. C。此句需要动名词在以there为引导词的句子中作主语,而且往往都是否定句,实际上there is no doing sth. 已经成为一种固定结构,如:There is no telling whether he will come this morning./不知道他今天早晨是否会来。
22. C。the last man to do sth. 是“最不演义做。。的人”。
23. D。 as 在这里翻译成“正如(人们普遍认可的那样)”,在句子中as既是连词又是在其所引导的从句中作主语,有些类似定语从句中的连词which,但which引导的定语从句不能出现在句首。
24. B。用完成时态表示“共产主义在全世界已经实现的时候”
25. C。表示对过去的情况的否推断,用could (can ) not have done
26. B。 significantly“重大的,重要的”; virtually“实际上”;inevitably “不可避免地”;proportionately“按比例地”
27. C。 live up to“做到,不辜负”; come off“成功”; bring about“带来”; contribute to“对。。贡献”
28. A。 Count on“指望,依*”; resort to“求助于”; look up to“敬仰,尊敬” seek after“探询,追求”
29. D。
30. C。adapt oneself to/ be adapted to..是“使自己适应。。”; fit是“适合,适应”,如 fit one’s spending to income/量入为出,adopt是“采纳”;regulate是“管理,控制,调整”
31. B。
32. B。
33. A。Lose sight of是“忘记,忽略”; lose track of是“失去了。。的线索” ;become blind to..是“对。。看不清楚/对。。视而不见”;give way to..是“对。。让步”
34. A。 Hold back是“阻止,抑制”; hang around“闲荡,逗留”; hang on是“抓紧不放,继续下去” ;hold on与hang on同义。
35. A。

Part Two
Passage one
36. B。 根据第一段,美国人喜爱方便,他们使用各种家用电器是为了方便他们做家务,减少他们集资做家务所花的时间。
37.D. 根据第二段,第三段,快餐,外卖店很方便,避免了他们做饭,饭后洗刷等家务,因此美国人喜欢它们。
38. C。 在第三段中提到,快餐,外卖店很方便,节省了做饭,饭后洗刷等家务,所以很受到欢迎。因为现在一半以上的美国妇女都有工作,因此母亲有工作的家庭需要所有的可以节省时间的方法。也就是说,在家中做饭,做家务大都是女人的事情。
40. A。 在最后一段中,美国人的性格中有一种“自相矛盾”,即他们忙于工作是为了得到舒适和方便,可他们太忙了,以致不能放松和享受悠闲。所以A是正确答案。

Passage Two

41. C。 作者在第一段就指出,人们错误地认为如果新居民能从现在的市中心搬出去,至少目前的城市状况不会再恶化。在第三段中指出,这些考虑不周的项目不但不会减轻目前城市的压力,而且事实上会使城市更糟糕。因此判断,C“决不会减轻城市的问题”应该是正确答案。
42. C。文章第三段中阐述了建造New Towns的种种弊端,A,B,D都在其中,C项“低收入家庭将有更好的住房条件”与原句含义不同,因此选择C。
43. A。作者在第四段中指出,美国New Towns的倡议者们至今都是那些开发商,建筑商以及金融机构,他们主要的兴趣在于经济利益。选项A“头脑中想的是利润”与句意相符合,是正确答案。
44. B。 根据文章最后两句,在一个可行的美国新城镇规划中,应该明确阐明其目标,同时提供鼓励和惩罚手段来保证目标的实现。如果制定了这样的政策,那么新城镇方案在减轻美国的城市问题方面就能起重要的作用,因此判断B是正确答案。
45.D.作者对目前建造新城镇的看法进行评论时,用了非常明确的措辞如ill-considered. Wrongly等来表明自己的态度。

Passage 3
46. B. 答案依据在第2段“..which would be designed to transport a crew of four to and from the International Space Station/轨道航天飞机将被设计用于把四人的宇航员小组接送到国际太空站”
47. A. 答案的依据在第4段:该段提到“即使发生了哥伦比亚航天飞机失事,七名宇航员丧生的悲剧,NASA也不放弃宇宙探测项目”
48. C. 该题问“什么时候科学家开始致力于研究继轨道航天机后的新的航天飞机的研究的?”因为文章第1段说“哥伦比亚航天飞机失事的原因还在调查中”,第5段又提到the orbiter的研究已经进行了多年,所以C是答案。
49. D. 第3段提到2010年,the orbiter就能担负起接回在宇宙站工作的伤病员的任务,也就是说the orbiter起一种类似于space ambulance(太空救护车)的作用。
50. B. 最后一段说,如果10亿美圆的款项获得国会的批准,这笔款项基本上平分给Space Orbital Space Plane和 Next Generation Launch Technology这两个研究项目。

passage 4
51. B。从第2段可知道,.edu等四个域名已经由美国政府承包给 the Network Solutions company,目前的所有权或使用权仍在该公司。
52. B.从文章第3段中The government has still to give the system its blessing../政府仍然只是对这个系统祝福。。,可见对题干中所罗列出的七个域名美国政府并不参与其合作。
53. B。答案依据在最后一段的第3,4句:Global Names of Singapore is chargeing…other registrars are charging..可见Global Names of Singapore也是“registrars”
54. A。该题的答案相关句也是上一题的答案相关句:答案依据在最后一段的第3,4句。
55. B。根据该文章的主要内容判断,该文章主要涉及在网络上登记域名的事情,所以判断net在这里应该是网络,所以B(在因特网上登记域名的费用)是答案。

Part Three
56. D. 本句代词指前句中的space shuttle, 宇航员要*它作交通工具,进行多次太空旅行。With可以表示“拥有”,或表示某种方式或工具。其他介词都不合乎题意。
57. A。 本空提供的四个形容词从词义上看似乎都说得同,但从语法上看似乎只有capable”能够”能同介词词组of doing sth.连用,是固定搭配。Suitable “适合” 一般与for连用。Fit“适当的适宜的”一般与介词 for或动词不定式 to do连用。 Efficient是“高效的,有能力的”
58. B。
59. C。上句讲航天飞机在军事和科研方面的重要性,本句指出它的作用在于工业方面却更为重要,所以要用连词but表示转折递进的关系。Then“然后,之后” 多用来表示时间上的顺序。Or“或者,否则”一般表示选择,且很少放在句首。 so一般引导表示结果的句子,这里没有因果关系,所以在这里也不合适。
60. A。
61. D。本句的含义是“航天飞机最根本的重要性在于它能作为经济工具的前景”。
62. C。 虽然四个词都有“与众不同”,“不一般”等含义,但侧重点不同。Exceptional是“例外的,异常的,特别的”;strange是“奇怪的,奇特的”; rare 是“不多见的,罕见的”。既能像火箭那样腾空而起,又能像飞机那样徐徐降落,这是航天飞机的独特之处,所以正确的选择是unique(独一无二的,独特的)
63.A. 从上下文来看,前后句是因果关系。由于上句提到的特点,航天飞机能在完成任务两周后做好准备执行新任务。Thus用来引出表示结果的句子是正确答案。
64. B。trip是可数名词,单数用法时需要用冠词,如: a new trip (一次新的旅行),这里只有another符合语法规则。
65. C. a step in doing sth.表示在某一方面取得的进步或进展,是惯用法。For常常引导表示目的的结构。 By和 through 常表示手段,方法。这三个介词都不能正确的表达句子的含义。

Part Four Translation

Part Five
Who will control the world—computers or human beings?

Which will control the world in the future, computers or human beings? I think human beings will, but with the help of computers.
Probably nothing in the twenties century can exceed the computer in affecting us so greatly in almost all fields in modern society. Since it was invented, this kind of amazing machine has expanded its uses to everywhere at full speed. At first it was only used as military technology, but soon this limitation was broken, it is improved quickly. Compared with the first computer, today’s computer has become mightier in power, faster in speed, smaller in size, and easier in operation. Nowadays computers come to be an important part of our daily life, especially when internet becomes more common. With computers, we can read news, write articles, send E-mail to our friends, buy goods, subscribe to magazines, or book tickets; and scientists can use them to finish many experiments which wouldn’t be completed by manpower. From the daily life to the scientific work, computers serve us so expediently that we take us as our assistants and our friends as well.
The computer’s calculation speed is much faster than a human being’s brain. Then, what on earth will the computer become, the controller of this world? I guess that nobody has reasonable answers to it. Reducing the quantity of applied computers and weakening the computer’s automatic capability do not seem to be realistic solutions. People have brought computers into this world, and would depend much on them to live more comfortably in the future. It’s human beings that control this world with the assistance of computers. 


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